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Chinese Medicine: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Healing

Fermata Integrated Health offers several treatments based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Over 2000 years, Chinese Medicine has developed a sophisticated understanding of the body in health and disease, and that continues to develop today in conversation with biomedicine and other sciences.

The biggest part of Traditional Chinese Medicine is the practice of prescribing herbal formulas. These prescriptions aren’t merely herbs thrown together to individually help manage or reduce a patient’s symptoms (like how prescription medications or supplements are prescribed) but rather, Chinese Herbal Medicine uses a framework of herbal combining that was refined over several thousand years to treat with a holistic approach.

Stimulates the Central Nervous System

Enhancing cognition for improved mental function

Pain Relief and Healing

Aid healing through therapeutic relief methods

Gentle Sleep Aid

Natural sleep aid ensuring gentle restorative sleep cycles

Reduce the Negative Side Effects of Other Treatments

Mitigating adverse effects for holistic wellness support

Why Choose Chinese Medicine?

Over thousands of years, Chinese Medicine has developed a sophisticated understanding of the body in health and disease, and that continues to develop today in conversation with biomedicine and other sciences.

Licensed Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners are trained and skilled in using the framework of Chinese medicine to be able to diagnose and differentiate the causes of many health concerns, and to prescribe Chinese herbal medicine utilizing the art and science of herbal combing that was refined over several thousand years.

Herbal formulas are given to change the underlying disease pattern and as your symptoms and patterns change, formulas change along with that, so the treatment is not static and something you need to maintain forever – the goal is to progress you forward to the point where you barely notice your symptoms and the treatment becomes less and less needed.

Health Benefits of Chinese Medicine

A misconception surrounding traditional medicine is that it stands in direct opposition to modern medicine.

Traditional Chinese Medicine does not stand in opposition to modern science. For example, acupuncture is supported by rigorous scientific research. Acupuncture works by stimulating the central nervous system, allowing the body to release the chemicals necessary for pain relief and healing. Many Chinese herbal ingredients have similarly been proven effective.  

One of the key benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine is that it is relatively non-invasive and is not habit-forming. Herbs like Suanzaoren and Gancao act as a safe and natural sleep aid without the side effects you might experience with benzodiazepines, like dizziness and memory loss.

When a problem calls for modern medicine, modern medicine should be put to work. But the same goes for Traditional Medicine. Before using habit-forming opiates or other potent painkillers, acupuncture is worth trying as a means of managing discomfort.  Chinese Herbal Medicine can help to minimize the need for medications and reduce the negative side effects of other treatments. Traditional Chinese Medicine can also be the frontline treatment for many common health issues, as it is practiced in many other countries. In many cases, Traditional Chinese Medicine offers a less invasive approach to solving health problems.

What does a Chinese Medicine Appointment Look Like?

A Traditional Chinese Medicine appointment will typically involve many of the same steps you’d go through with your family physician. A physical examination, and a brief conversation on your overall health history, allergies, past surgeries, and so on. There may also be other assessment methods unique to Chinese Medicine used, such as abdominal palpation and tongue and pulse diagnosis. 

Fermata - Pulse Diagnosis

From there you’ll go through a series of questions, such as “What’s bothering you?” and “How long has this been going on?” After a complete consultation, the proper treatment will be prescribed.

Comprehensive Holistic Care Tailored for You

Traditional Chinese Medicine as practiced at Fermata Integrated Health covers many methods, but here are some of the most common:


Motor point needling, IMS (intramuscular stimulation), and dry needling techniques work to “reset” affected muscle fibres. These processes teach the body to maintain balance between its opposing muscle groups, maintain strength and tone of muscle, as well as open the nervous system circuit to maintain optimal functioning and range of motion. These methods are often combined with traditional acupuncture in your sessions to ensure a comprehensive approach.


As mentioned above, acupuncture works by stimulating the nervous system to get the body generating the necessary responses and chemicals for healing and pain relief. Acupuncture is often used alongside acupressure for the most effective treatment.

Cupping Massage

Cupping is a technique that utilizes negative pressure (suction) to release blood, body fluids, inorganic substances, bacteria, and metabolic waste from tissue and bring it to the surface to be carried out through the circulation and lymphatic systems. This allows new oxygenated blood to flow into the area and bring nutrients to the area to promote healing.

Herbal Medicine

Every medicine you take is rooted in some natural ingredient. Chinese Herbal Medicine is simply using those ingredients to help you solve your health issues. A key difference between Chinese Medicine and pharmaceuticals is that the Chinese herbal ingredients have only been moderately altered from their natural state.

Traditional Chinese Medicine dates back thousands of years. There’s quite a bit more to it than we can cover here. But hopefully, the above has served as an effective introduction.

If you’d like to discover first-hand what traditional Chinese medicine has to offer, get in touch with Fermata Integrated Health for an appointment today to find out how gentle, non-invasive techniques can help you find more energy, overcome aches and pains, and rediscover your fullest health potential.

Elevate Wellness through Time-Honoured Chinese Healing Arts

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