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we take ICBC patients!

ICBC will cover the cost of your acupuncture and massage therapy treatments (12 sessions after the accident) if you have been in a motor vehicle accident in the past 3 months, then no referral is needed! If your accident was more than 3 months ago, contact us and we will help you determine if you need a referral.

Integrated Approach

Each person is unique. Integrated solutions that address root causes are as important to us as alleviating your symptoms.

Experience and Expertise

With 35 years of expertise, we blend timeless traditions with cutting-edge innovations to offer personalized care.

Relax & Recover

Centrally located, our clinic offers relaxing treatments, direct billing with most insurers, and online booking for a smooth experience.

Experienced in a variety of Wellness Solutions

Experienced Professional Integrated Healthcare For Your Best Self

Each of our services is designed to address specific health concerns while promoting overall wellness and balance within the body. Explore our diverse offerings and find the right treatment for you.
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Massage Therapy

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Cupping Massage

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Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Herbal Pharmacy

Fermata Integrated Health
Your Sanctuary for Integrative Health

Advanced Integrated Health Techniques for Optimal Health

Welcome to Fermata Integrated Health, your sanctuary for health and wellness located in the heart of Kelowna, BC. With 19 years in practice, Sarah Jenkins and her team bring unparalleled experience and a passion for nurturing your health, addressing pain and injuries, and supporting mental well-being, digestive health, women’s health concerns, and more.

Our aesthetic blends modern warmth with ancient wisdom in a serene environment. Drawing inspiration from the essence of well-being and natural harmony, we create a nurturing space where comprehensive healing can flourish.

Yoga Classes and Workshops
Coming soon!
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Business Hours

Monday To Friday (8:00 – 7:30)

Directions & Details
Our offices are conveniently located near public transit. Learn more on the MBTA Website.

For parking: there are 14 visitor parking spots for our building. With that being said, it is a busy area, and sometimes the parking lot gets very full. Feel free to park anywhere that does not say “reserved”. Alternatively, there is free 2-hour parking along Vaughn Street which is behind our building (the entrance to the building is also at the back). There is also parking on Clement Avenue across from the front of the building and along many of the other small surrounding streets nearby. Please make sure you give yourself a few extra minutes for parking, just in case!

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